Canada, which hosts approximately 100 higher education institutions, is actively involved in international research. The MBA in Canada is a 1-2 year program that provides a quick return on investment.

The cost of obtaining an MBA from these prestigious business schools varies between $ 16,000 and $ 80,000. For an Indian student, this will be between 11 and 59 lakhs (mainly depending on the choice of educational institution). You can earn between $ 80,000 and $ 200,000 per year (59 LPA up to 1.4 Cr / year).

According to the Financial Times ranking in 2020, only three Canadian business schools that obtained an MBA reached the top 100. However, according to the QS MBA ranking (2020), 5 Canadian business schools were in the top 100. In total, 18 business schools in Canada were included in the top 240 in the Global MBA rankings.

Recent statistics indicate that the employment rate of MBA graduates in Canada has increased significantly. For example, at the Business School. Schulich (class of 2017) 89% of students were recruited within 3 months of graduation, with an average salary between $ 48,000 and $ 190,000.

The main recruitment sectors include financial services, technology, retail, consulting and real estate. Similarly, at McGill University's Desautels School of Management, 90% of MBA students were placed within 3 months of graduation in functional areas such as finance, general management, marketing and business development.

Why study an MBA in Canada?

According to the QS MBA ranking (2020), nine Canadian universities are ranked among the top 150 MBA universities in the world.

The Business Diploma in Canada is one of the 10 highest paid disciplines with higher education. Below is a chart showing the average salaries of MBA graduates from top Canadian universities.

Simplified visa and immigration process: - Any student who has ever considered studying abroad cannot deny that the complicated visa and immigration process can be a huge disappointment. With friendly immigration policies and the ability of Indian students to obtain a visa faster, it is an added bonus for MBA applicants.

The financial services sector remains particularly strong in Canada, with growth of around 11.6% over the last decade (2007-2017). The opportunities to work in this industry are greater for an MBA graduate in Canada.

With the support of small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups, the doors of entrepreneurship in Canada are always open to MBA graduates.

The best MBA colleges in Canada

Some of the best business schools in Canada are in the top QS Global MBA rankings (2020). Some of these are listed below, along with the percentage of students enrolled in the program each year and the tuition fees for the MBA program. International students can study various MBA programs in Canada. The table below shows the duration of full-time MBA programs.

Types of MBAs in Canada

There are different types of MBA degrees offered in Canada to suit the different interests and requirements of international students. Some of them are described below:

Full-time MBA.

With an understanding of Canadian workforce diversity, the MBA program prepares students to enter the job market as a leader. The duration of the program is usually one or two years, and students can choose to study full time. The program is best suited for a student who can devote time only to their studies.

Part-time MBA.

A longer MBA program than the FT-MBA, but more suitable for working professionals looking for a degree in parallel with work.

International MBA: - 

The IMBA offers business ideas from some of the best professors in the world and the opportunity to work with the most renowned industry leaders in the world. In addition to individual development, international students have the opportunity to experience global experiences, such as international fieldwork, global courses, integrated curriculum, etc. The duration of the program is usually 20-28 months.

Executive MBA: - 

Typically, the duration of the program is 13 months, with personal and professional profitability. It is suitable for students who want to work while studying and seek practical business knowledge, along with classroom lessons.

These international students are also expected to pursue joint MBA degrees (combining pharmacy, law, engineering with global issues) and double degrees (MBA / JD or MBA / MFA / MA) available to study in Canada.

MBA versus PGDM

You may be looking for alternatives to a long-term MBA, so the PGDM (Graduate Diploma in Management) is one of the best courses to study. Here's how PGDM differs from an MBA.

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