Indian Railways has cancelled all its passenger trains till 3 May. Not only this, they had also suspended reservations after May 3. Their direct aim is to send message to passengers that on May 4, they should not make any plans to go towards the railway stations.

After lockdown ends, whenever trains run it will run after the green signal from the Central Government. The Central Government will issue a directive on this issue only after meeting with all the states. In the meantime, the case of Corona patient is constantly increasing, it is clear that whenever the operation of trains starts, it will be under the shadow of novel Coronavirus. Therefore, officials of different zones and divisions in the railways are also considering many possibilities.

1. Whenever the train operation starts, only few selected trains will run in the beginning. These should be like special trains and its fare should be kept high. This will initially help in reducing the congestion in trains and only those people will travel for whom it is very important.

2. The Railways has suspended all concession on tickets except Divyang, Students and Medical Grounds. The aim was to reduce congestion in trains. Especially Senior citizens had to be kept away from traveling by trains. The possibility is that the Railways will continue with this order so passengers not travel unnecessary.
3. Railways initially planning to run trains with Sleeper Class Coaches only. In this, only those people who have a confirmed ticket should be allowed to travel. This can avoid the crowd of general class coaches. On the other hand, the possibility of infection in the closed environment of AC coaches can also be avoided with the sleeper coaches.

4. Railways has converted more than 5 thousand coaches of Sleeper Class into isolation wards. For this, middle seat has been removed. However, as of isolation ward these boxes are not needed. Also, due to the heat, they are less likely to be used at present. In such a situation, Railways can also run Special Class trains as Sleeper-II from these coaches. This will also help to follow social distancing.

5. Initially, trains should be run only between selected stations and areas, where there are more cases of corona, no one should come or go from there. The biggest challenge for railways is to keep its millions of employees and passengers safe. Thye had to follow all protocols as per the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs. In such a situation, whenever the train service starts for passengers, there will be a huge responsibility for the safety of everyone over the railway. Therefore, they're considering several possibilities for train operations.