Many effective steps are being taken by the Indian Railways to fight against Coronavirus infection. In this sequence, Western Railway is also taking all possible steps to stop spread of this dangerous disease.
According to Press Release issued by Ravindra Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, 75 beds have been identified for this by creating isolation wards in all divisional and central hospitals, besides 30 dedicated beds for suspected cases of this disease in Jagjivan Ram Hospital has been made. Zonal Control Room has been set up at Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Mumbai Central, Western Railway, whose helpline numbers are 022- 23080755, 022-67643200, 022-67643300 and WhatsApp Number 9004490560 of the medical officer of that area.
Adequate sanitizers, including protection items, masks and gloves, have been provided to doctors and personnel overseeing this isolation ward to prevent infection. Hospital personnel have been trained how to deal with such cases. The Western Railway has managed a capacity of 1005 beds to facilitate isolation wards in the western region. Posters related to 'what to do' and 'what not to do' have been put up for the prevention of the disease in major places and trains of all the station complexes for awareness about Coronavirus. In addition, under the Central Proclamation, audio clips and video clips on LED and TV screens are being played in the passenger announcement system.
People are being made aware by the health inspectors at railway colonies, offices and stations to eradicate the fear of this disease in their minds and the virus in every railway colony, stations, health units, lobbies and hospitals. Lectures are being organized for personal hygiene to prevent from infection.
A dedicated helpline is available 24 hours in Jagjivan Ram Hospital. The list of all the nodal officers and state representatives of major stations have been circulated for better co-ordination among all concerned in matters related to testing, admission, further treatment of suspected cases and keeping them in separate wards.