The Railways will soon start operations the Country's First High-Speed Freight Electric Locomotive assembled at Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura. The maximum permissible speed of this 12,000 horsepower locomotive will be 100 kmph. This powerful engine has been developed in a joint partnership between Indian Railways and French Company Alstom. After testing and trials of second Locomotive assembled at ELF, Madhepura in Saharanpur, RDSO and CRS have given approval for operations in February.

Now only the formality of the permission of the Railway Board remains. After that, the railway department will start operating freight trains with this locomotive. Soon, the Electric Locomotive assembled at Madhepura will be seen running on the tracks of Indian Railways Network.

After getting permission from the Railway Board, more assembled locomotive will be rolled out from Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura. Preparations are to send 10 more locomotive from factory this month. Some of these locomotives have been fully assembled. While some locomotives are yet to be finalized. By the end of this month, 10 engines will be fully ready. After that the Railway Board will send them for testing and trials.
The Electric Locomotive manufactured at Madhepura is the first high-speed freight locomotive of the country. Along with this, Indian Railways will reach the equivalent of China in terms of speed and freight carrying. This locomotive can haul goods trains of weighing up to 6000 tonnes at a maximum speed of 100 kmph. In future, its speed can be increased to 120 kmph. At present, Indian Railways do not have another locomotive to pull at this speed. Currently, 6,000 horsepower locomotives are used to haul Goods train of Indian Railways.

This Electric Locomotive is to be used by Indian Railways in Dedicated Freight Corridor built separately for freight trains. This Locomotive will be used in Eastern-Western Freight Corridor being constructed for 82,000 crores. Although this locomotive can be used in other Goods trains at present, as dedicated freight corridor is under construction.

After successful trials of this 12,000 horsepower beast assembled in Madhepura, RDSO and CRS have given the green signal. Now the railway board permission is just a formality. After this, the railway department will start operations of this locomotive. This month, 10 more locomotives will be rolled out from the factory.

RK Gupta, Chief Administrative Officer, Electric Locomotive Factory Madhepura