Preparations have been started to convert Tatanagar Station Medical Relief Train into ICU. For this, blue print has been prepared by the doctors of the railway hospital and the senior officers of the division. At Kamakhya Station, the coach of the train has been made ICU.

On the same lines, preparations are also underway to build ICUs at Tatanagar Station. The doctors of Tatanagar Railway Hospital have so far conducted thermal scans and other investigations of 3623 passengers and 770 railway personnel due to Coronavirus infection. A 30 bed quarantine ward has been built at RPF Ground, Kitadih. Three patients are currently being treated in this. In case of deterioration, arrangements have been made to admit patient into the isolation ward of railway hospital.
Raju Mohanta, Dr. Dadel, Dr. Poli and Dr. T. Topno visit the Quarantine ward at RPF Ground every day to assess the condition of patients. These doctors work day and night to make Jamshedpur safe by examining Sweeper, Pantry Car workers, S. Attender and the passengers who came from outside.

Keeping in mind that no passengers are infected due to Coronavirus infection, the coaches as well as engines are being sanitized under the supervision of these Corona Fighter doctors. In the view of the possibility of train operations from April 15, trains standing at Tatanagar Station are being sanitized.

Following the instruction of Corona Fighter Dr. Raju Mohanta, the railway employees reach Tatanagar Station before going to duty. Where these employees by themselves measure the body temperature with thermometer and write it in a register and send it to doctor. When the temperature rises even a little, doctors immediately arrive at the station and start the investigation.