People of Japan will now be able to see Mithila Painting and the art associated with Bihar Major Folk Art. Soon Mithila (Madhubani) painting will be featured on Japan Trains and Railway Stations. According to the information, the Japanese Railways has approached the Government of India in this regard that, how to apply Mithila Painting on their trains and Railway Stations.

It is noteworthy that Mithila Painting is very popular in Japan. According to Rajesh Kumar, the Chief Public Relations Offficer of East Central Railway, United Nations in India also praised for decorating the Bihar Sampark Kranti Express with Mithila painting through twitter. Rajdhani Express running between New Delhi to Patna was also given a new look by decorating with Mithila Painting.
According to the Chief Public Relations Officer, these steps taken by the Railways had given a new identity to Mithila Painting and its associated Artists in the Country and Abroad. Citing a source, he said that high officials of many countries of the world have also been greatly influenced by Mithila Painting. Now they are also planning to decorate trains running in their countries through this Special Art.
There is Mithila Museum in Japan. There are many artifacts of Madhubani painting in it. It is made by Japanese Art lover Tokyo Hasegawa. Hasegawa buys Madhubani paintings from artists in Bihar. He also calls many artists to Japan.