139 and 182 will be the helpful numbers for railway passengers. The Railway Board will centralize both helplines to protect passengers from suspicion. In the emergency, passengers get confused on which number to call, so that they can get help immediately. The new system will come into force from the first day of the new year. Facility will be available from day one from the New Year: Railway Board has already completed preparations.
6 different helpline numbers which have been in circulation since the first day of the new year will stop working. An order to this effect has been issued by N Madhusudan Rao, Principal Executive Director, Railway Board.

Nothing new will be done at the Zonal level: Officers at the zone level will not be able to do anything new to help the passengers. For example, additional helpline, Portal etc. After centralization, the railway administration will emphasize on the dissemination of numbers so that information about the change can be conveyed to the passengers.
Helpline Numbers which will be closed.

1800111321 Catering Service

1072 Accident Service

9717430982 SMS Complaint

138 General Complaints

152210 Vigilance Department

58888/138 Clean My Coach