Nagpur - Secunderabad Express will now run via Durg, extended up to Raipur.

Will leave from Secunderabad for Raipur on December 23, will return next day.

Train will run 3 days a week, convenience will be provided to passengers by extension.

For the convenience of passengers, train number 12771/12772 Secunderabad - Nagpur - Secunderabad Express has been extended up to Raipur. The train will leave from Secunderabad for Raipur on 23 December, and will leave for Secunderabad on 24 December from Raipur. This extension will provide considerable relief to the passengers. Railways are constantly extending trains.
This train will  run via Balharshah, Nagpur, Gondia, Raj Nandgaon, Durg to Raipur. Similarly, 12771/Secunderabad - Raipur Express will leave from Secunderabad on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.15 PM. The next day it will reach Raipur at 1:50 PM. Train number 12772/Raipur - Secunderabad Express will depart from Raipur for Secunderabad at 4.30 PM on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and will reach final destination Secunderabad at 8:25 AM next day.